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Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is an association composed of both males and females who tend to share their personal experiences. There is one reason precisely why this group exists and that is to assist individuals to cope with their addiction. Joining this group is easy, you just have to be enthusiastic in refraining from taking alcohol. This group is famous for being a self-sustaining organization. In fact, they don’t demand cash contributions or donations to function. Therefore, this organization doesn’t form any alliance to political or institutional groups. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that AA group provides the best treatment for alcoholics. The key reason why many are going to this group because this is the easiest alternative, and also they are not acquainted with other AA Alternatives. For further details about different alternatives to AA, then listed below are a few facts regarding them.

AA meetings include spiritual sharing and counseling, nevertheless, many people are not interested in this approach. What others are seeking to have is a much faster recuperation that is self-empowering. According to the Secular Organizations for Sobriety or also referred to as SOS, self-empowering strategy is a more efficient approach. With this approach, members are taught to turn out to be independent so that their recuperation will be immediate. SOS believes that the ultimate way for a much faster recuperation is to be open to practicing different ways and treatment modalities that are suitable for their members. SOS upholds the idea that the people are those who are in charge of their own recuperation, that is why they are making strides in helping their members to keep sobriety. He should not be always dependent on the individuals around him and also the environment too. He must assist himself to become a greater individual. Furthermore, SOS do also have programs that is intended to reinforce determination. This is performed by having open forums, as well as having group conversations wherein each member need to share their ideas and point of views. This strives to provide support system to each member and teach them also. This technique also encourages the members to quit drinking liquor.

Besides SOS, AA Alternatives provides another option and that is HAMS or Harm reduction, Abstinence, and Moderation Support. A non-judgmental technique is precisely what HAMS believes in. This strives to slowly minimize drinking habits. Through harm reduction, they don’t compel their members to suddenly stop drinking, they permit their members to change on their own and this is done through continuous counseling and making negative practices to helpful ones. The techniques used by harm reduction are made to be considerate so that their primary goal; which is to increase individual’s well being, can be attained. One other AA alternative is a secular group that is intended to assist those individuals who have extreme alcohol addiction and it is called Moderation Management (MM). They would choose to decrease an individual’s alcohol consumption as a way to quit such addiction in the long run.

There are a lot of recuperation programs presented in alternatives to AA. If you believe that the methods made use of by Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t serve you best, then why don’t you give other AA Alternatives a go.